End-product oriented

We analyse challenges, develop solution patterns, design IT architectures, and orchestrate coding and testing. The results of our work are productive software systems in our clients’ success-critical business processes.

We take care of the development and the go-live startup of systems, enabling our clients to realise significant efficiency and quality gains in IT management and realise competitive advantages in their respective markets.


The use of agile methods in system design allows us to combine heterogeneously structured requirements from business and IT into solution approaches. With these patterns, we create the basis for the efficient production of solutions in agile contexts and to ensure project completion.


Coding represents the transmission of the written business requirements into machine-readable algorithms. The production of code follows a high degree of functionality, usability and elegance whilst considering adapting needs. The resulting software will increase work efficiency and effectivity. 


The go-live operationalises functionality, ideally with high frequency, stability, and business value. This is the hallmark of new system development paradigms which compete with established hierarchical system development paradigms. We support this competition with highly scalable and stable deployment procedures.

Product Delivery
CORE has built a complex high performance platform where our developers, designers and engineers have worked side by side completing the project in less than a year.

The agile setup has involved more than 260 dedicated people across four cities; Berlin, Budapest, Frankfurt and Katowice. Together, they have managed to create a digital infrastructure consisting of more than 200,000 lines of code (and over 1,200 calls and meetings).