The Golden Circle

We orchestrate the high-value design, planning and administration tasks between business management and IT implementation, aiming at paradigmatically increasing effectiveness and efficiency in system development.

We focus mainly on the roles of the business analyst, IT project lead, lead architect, lead developer and test manager. We use agile procedure models and rely on state-of-the-art development tools, rejecting the trend of cost-cutting and complexity reduction to focus on increasing efficiency and mastering complexity in IT management.


The emphasis on the ability to work directly with clients on the basis of a deep technological understanding and expertise ensures efficient communication between development teams, IT managers and those responsible for defining the business requirements. This requires the purpose-orientated filling of key roles with candidates of high expertise.


The global acquisition of success-critical human resources, such as business analysts, developers and testers, as well as the integration into teams with IT architects, lead developers and test managers, represents a major challenge in the scalability of development projects. We address this challenge through methodological and procedural structure as well as by maintaining a global network of high-quality implementation partners.


We are able to fulfill project requirements through flexible use of resources throughout the process of delivery success. The project management and controlling structures are kept stable in every project phase and thereby meet the efficiency and speciality requirements of our clients.